Gesture Extension 1
In the early stage of my exploration, I tried to transfer the movement of my fingers into other forms . Initially, I just taped some thin cardboard strips on different finger joints which only lengthened the fingers and did not produce interesting gesture extensions. However, when I put the front of the cardboard together, the movement of the fingers in the vertical direction was then transformed into a horizontal movement. I decided to save this exploitation because this simple practice gave me a good inspiration that adding some constraint to the movement may change the direction of it and produce gestures uncommon to the normal body movement.

Gesture Extension 2
In this exploration, I used cardboard strips to extend the finger and attached a piece of fan-shaped muslin to them. In this way, my hand mimicked a blooming flower. I added an extra cardboard strip between the thumb and forefinger to avoid the contour of the hand and averaged the intervals among fingers.

Gesture Extension 3
In this exploration, I connected the gestures of the wrist and the finger together with cardboard which also produced new movements. The cardboard extended the movement of the hand along the direction of the bones. In this way, we can amplify the subtle motions of the human body into a larger ones and create a dramatic Robot-like effect.