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Final Project – Nick and Kristie

Final Project: Fabric Waves Our final project aims to capture the feeling of watching waves move across water. We used various fabrics and captured an interesting ripple motion…

Final Project: Gil & Alex

Class 30: Final Project Review

Today (Apr 30) each group will present final project results for discussion. Goals Review final projects. Administrative Clarify grace period on final blog posts (until Thursday May 7)…

Final Project- Parasite Extended, Danova and Sunjana

We went into this project knowing that it was going to be more difficult because of the relative lack of materials we had, as well as our inability…

Final Project: Morning Routine by Olivia and Evangeline

Our final project is inspired by how we have adapted to a new shapeless and mundane daily routine of isolation and repetitive tasks since Covid-19 has taken over….

Final Project: Sommer and Julia

We had a lot of fun making this video! The premise was to create a fluid battle story line virtually and play with contraptions engaging over a screen….

Final Project – Tahirah Lily

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Final Project WIP #2 – Tahirah Lily

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Class 28: Final Project Progress

Today (Apr 23) we are going to meet with each group to discuss your project. Goals Review final project progress. Administrative New calendar to track office hours, see…

Final Project, Progress- Sunjana and Danova

Between last week and this week, we spent time putting together a storyboard¬† similar to how we storyboarded for the exquisite corpse project. We planned out what we…