This WordPress site has been configured with features to ease documenting student projects. The following guide may help you in formatting your posts.


Students may log into the site using an Andrew ID and password. The account username will be an Andrew email address, but you may set your nickname to whatever you like. You may also prefer to set an avatar image which will appear on the Personnel List page and help identify you to your peers.


The site allows setting the visibility of each post. While editing the post, enable or look for the ‘Content Permissions’ settings. By default, each post is world-readable. Selecting ‘Student’ or ‘Instructor’ will limit visibility of the post to the specified group.

Embedding Video

The preferred method for presenting a video in your post is as an embedded viewer so users can just watch it directly within the text. Videos can be added to your post either as an uploaded file or as a reference to a third-party site site such as YouTube or Vimeo. A detailed reference on this can be found in the WordPress documentation on embedding.

A few specific hints:

  1. Use ‘Standard’ for your Post Type. The ‘Video’ type doesn’t appear properly in this theme.
  2. WordPress can automatically create an embed for you from the URL if it properly recognizes the URL. If this fails, follow the examples below.

A typical YouTube embed can be created just by pasting the URL into a new block:

Locally hosted videos should be in .mp4 format and smaller than 16MB. They can be embedded in a ‘Video’ block type:

Program Code

This site includes the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plug-in which provides a “SyntaxHighlighter Code” block type for embedding code. For Arduino sketches, please set the “Code Language” to “C/C++” in the block properties.

void setup(void) {
  // initialize digital pin 13 as an output. 
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

Math Notation

This site includes the MathJax-LaTeX plug-in, so math can be formatted using LaTeX notation within shortcodes in normal text blocks.

A few equation examples:



These were produced using the following shortcodes and notation: