This piece accentuates the rotational movements of the wrist and hand, relative to the elbow. I wanted to make something that could be overlooked in one position, but transitions to something obvious in another. By using a piece of cardboard with cuts only on one side as a supporting structure, the fabric “flag” can wrap around my forearm, but then suddenly unfurl as my wrist is flipped over. Once I had made this I noticed the bounce on each transition, although this wasn’t an intended part of the movement I liked the additional motion it added.
Continuing my exploration of the hands movement relative to the elbow, I wanted this piece to focus on the motion of the fingers and hand. I thought it would be fun to take the very subtle movements that ones fingers make while typing on a keyboard and make them obvious. I accomplished this by attaching flags to the second joint of my index and middle fingers, with the tail end attached to my elbow. When I press a key with each finger, the dowels lift and expose the fabric flags. Additionally as I bent my wrist, both flags are exposed simultaneously, but at a smaller size that when they are actuated with only the fingers.
This piece accentuates the motion of the head relative to the shoulders, while also limiting its motion to the frontal plane. It uses two four bar linkages witch protrude when either the shoulders are shrugged or the head is tilted from side to side. When the head is moved from front to back, the entire piece moves with it. When only moving my head, each linkage moved oppositely, but in unison with each other. when moving the shoulders is is possible to control each linkage individually.