•The arm extension was made with cardboard and rubber bands. The arm extension was placed  at the lower part of the arm tied with two rubber bands, one at the wrist and the other band at the arm to keep the cardboard in place. The cardboard was folded in a fan like manner so that the fingers can fit into the ‘fold-in’ part of the cardboard.
•The arm extension was made to extend the arm functionalities to scratch some lower parts of the leg and back without having to bend. It was able to conveniently scratch the legs but required more effort to scratch the back. Also, middle finger had to be clipped to the cardboard in order to keep the cardboard in place from falling off. This resulted into more pressure on the middle finger than the rest of the fingers.

Finger Exoskeleton

•Finger exoskeleton was made with rubber bands and Velcro. The original idea was to have an external exoskeletal covering for the fingers. Rubber bands were used to bring out its graphic interpretation because the color of the rubber bands blends with my skin. This made it looked more real and relatable. Also, because the rubber band at the wrist could not stay in place, it had to be connected to the upper arm by another set of rubber bands strapped to a Velcro. With this, the rubber band at the wrist was pushed to the wrist and added another extension (movement) to the elbow, which was not originally planned for. •The originally planned extension was the exoskeletal finger extension, but the strap on the arm added another elbow stretch movement to it, which means both the arms and elbows can move in and move out as the rubber band is being pulled/stretched.

Index Finger Stretcher

•Index Finger stretch was created to stretch the index finger. The extension was made of dowels, rubber bands and zip ties. The dowel was divided into three rods of approximately same lengths, strapped with rubber bands to form a triangle which was tied to the arm. Then, a rubber band was inserted in the middle of the triangle to create the elastic pressure the index finger draws from. The zip straps were not originally in the plan, but I realized it takes a lot of effort to pull the rubber band by the index finger. The zip straps were used to reduce the distance between the index finger and the rubber band. •The extension reduced the flexibility of the index finger. And an interesting thing I observed was that the index finger could only cover about half of its length due to the restraint from the rubber band.