“Chest Hair” is comprised or a series of four four-bar linkages. I wanted to explore how two sets of differently dimensioned linkages would interact.

The two smaller linkages are controlled by the mouth, while the two larger ones are controlled by hand from below. Although there is no direct mechanical connection, due to the small space between them as the smaller linkage is pulled upwards it interacts with the larger set and move it up as well. The longer linkage can be manipulated independently. Because of Its natural tendency to spring back spring. I decided to add the fabric strips to accentuate this motion.

In the gesture extension assignment I explored typing and accentuated that small motion with fabric flags. I applied the same concept to this piece and created bending fingers to magnify this small motion again. I liked the added control that using tendon actuated fingers allowed for as well as there more natural movements.
This pieces began as an experiment to see how tendon actuated benders of differing lengths behaved. I found that past a certain length they tended to curl less evenly unless they were tightly pulled. I also wanted to experiment with tapering them to create a more interesting shape which seemed to have little effect on their properties. Initially all the benders would bend easily but did not have sufficient restoring force to make them spring back into the flat position. I solved this problem by adding backing strips where the natural curl of the paper of cardboard was oriented oppositely to the direction of bending. All this together I am very pleased with the disconcerting and comical effect created by placing these over the face. However I would like to find a way to actuate them without a puppeteer.