For this first model, I wanted to explore the folding abilities of perforated cardboard. So, I scored alternate sides of a strip of cardboard and threaded a string through the centers. When I pull the string down, the cardboard folds itself, and it kinda resembles a pulley system. I think it could be cool to make a bunch of these to resemble a lion’s mane and see what kind of effect that would create.

The next model I made was based on my curiosity about how modifying the tendon paper cuts would change the motion. So, I created asymmetrical cuts so the diamond cuts were lopsided. It somewhat worked so that the curve bent a little to the right. If I made a whole collar of these pieces it might create a really cool effect.

Lastly I explored the helical nature I noticed when connecting two strips of paper with dowels. This form needed to be placed somewhere in which both points had a large twisting rotational ability so I used my hands to accomplish the twist, it compressed when I twist which could be really useful for objects that need to change size.