“What happened to my arm?????”:

I wanted to change the reading of my arm to become more twisted. The change isn’t as drastic as I originally thought it would be.
Mechanics of Sleeve

Spilling Guts:

I wanted to combine a 4-bar linkage with a spine piece to make something that dynamically opens, almost as if my guts were spilling out. It isn’t as intense as I would like. Maybe more spines would make this more intense. I also wanted to tie the strings to my back, so when I arched it, I could move the pieces, but the project was already falling apart.

Torso Arms:

This gave me the effect that I wanted. What didn’t work out so well was that someone else had to pull the strings as the craft of the appendages weren’t good enough to warrant using my own body to pull the strings (they would’ve fallen off).