My first design was a kind of cardboard wing, that responded to the motion of your arm as you raise it from your side.

This idea started as a bigger version of the shin fin, but for the side of your body. I though all the pieces would move in parallel. But as I made the piece, I really liked the motion of the cardboard fins when you only controlled the bottom one. It reminded me of some card tricks people do. So I edited my idea to reflect this motion instead.

In my second piece, I wanted to extend the fingers, but that ended up coming at a cost (mostly because it was easier to connect the piece to two fingers rather than one). If you want bigger fingers, you’re gonna have to trade it for less fingers in all.

Having to move two fingers in tandem was a really weird experience. It was like only being able to use your hand while doing the Vulcan salute.

My last piece was an extender, and I put it on the hand again, although I was considering other places, like maybe behind the leg, responding when you bend your knee. I really liked this one for its simplicity, and its durability. You might not be able to tell from the short video, but you could move the extender in and out pretty quickly without it bending or breaking. It was satisfying to do.