Part 1

1. Alice Ziccheddu

This was the most direct representation of kinetic wearables, where the clothing designed was to be an extension of bodily movement.

We can understand through this video that kinetic fabrics do not necessarily need to be blatantly kinetic, and instead be understated.

2. Fantastic Planet by Amanda Parer

While kinetic fabrics in the terms we are focusing on this semester means enhancing the human form to provoke motion, this is instead a human form itself provoking its own motion.

We can start to expand our possibilities if we extend of definition of the human form, and remove its need for it to be alive.

3. The Alternative Limb Project

This project explores what prosthetics can mean when they are not simple functional human attachments and instead express materiality.

What if we think about kinetic wearables in the way we think about prosthetics and what could that do to the end result?

Part 2

Idea 1

This device helps you block light from your eyes at an adjustable rate by pulling down on the cords on

Idea 2

This device restricts outward stretching of the limbs and encourages a form in which you are scrunched up.

Idea 3

Being in child’s pose is a very vulnerable state to be in as you cannot see attackers approaching so the spikes poke out when you are in this position to mimic a porcupine.