Part 1: Precedent Research

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Iris Van Herpens Aeriform line, specifically the dress shown at 0:44, is an example of haute couture fashion incorporating movement into its designs. I think this could evolve more into kinetic fabrics by making the undulations of the fabric more pronounced with the help of motors.

The Morphing Matters lab at CMU does really amazing work with designing materials that warp when exposed to heat, water, and other triggers. In this study, they make paper that actuates under electrical stimulus. This could be used in kinetic costumes to control when and how a fabric moves.

Image result for texture sculpture
Dan Lam sculpture

Unlike the other examples, this piece doesn’t move; but, it gives the feeling that it is stretching downwards like putty. I think the feature of clearly conveying the intention of movement is a skill that can be incorporated into a kinetic sculpture or costume.

Part 2: Brainstorming