I originally intended to make a sleeve that blew up like a balloon depending on distance between two people. However, sewing the sleeve to put over it was completely beyond my capabilities, so I opted for a 4-bar linkage instead. When I put the dowels in the sleeve, I found that the joint did expand up and down, but it also folded sideways. This gave the joinery more movement overall, which added to the quality of the project, but it also meant less control. When Gil and I put on the sleeve, we were able to learn how to control the radical movements of the joints, which meant that the movements can be controlled and learned (to a degree). Combined with the semi-unpredictability of the movements and the push-pull sensation, we were able to predict where the dowels may hit.

Just as I thought I was going to hit Gil with the dowel, he somehow countered my movements and turned the dowels against me.