For this assignment, I had interesting inspiration from the nature of Venus Fly traps: I reflected back on our class discussions about clothing repelling touch in some way, and I immediately thought of the Venus Fly trap: even though it doesn’t repel touch (when an insect lands inside, it closes around it), it traps the insect with its touch, thus doing something negative to the “toucher”, almost as if to say that making that touch was a bad decision.

My project is much more lighthearted: it resembles the interaction of a little sister pulling her big sister’s hair (we’ll disregard how short I am compared to the “little sister” actor in this video). When the hair is pulled, the “Venus Fly Trap” contraption encloses itself around the big sister, as if to say “stay away”. It mainly relies on the rigidity of cardboard, and the fabric is there to add slight extra movements as the pieces go up and down.

Here are some of my concept drawings as well. In the video, the strings are attached to my hair (not to the “little sister’s” arm).

My apparatus