The focus of class today will be exploring using Bowden cables to activate a motion by one part of the body with the resulting action happening on a different part of the body far from the activation point. We will also look at using velcro and elastic.


Laser cutting access! Make sure you are acquiring access, as it will be very helpful for your projects.


  • Hello!
  • Assignment 5
  • An examination of collaboration technique. What approaches or habits do you find best create a mutual collaborative result?
  • Bowden cable demonstration
  • Sleeve extension demonstrations
  • Elastic and Velcro demonstrations
  • In-class activity: finish sleeve exchange, rig Bowden cable to connect motion across the body
  • Share discoveries and results
  • Clean-up

Collaboration Minimum and Maximum

Stay with what gives maximum support to your collaboration.

The class brainstorming of what supports collaboration (maximum) and what hinders collaboration (minimum)