Flee from the Fuzz:

Wrongly Convicted Edition

Have you ever thought that our country’s justice system is everything but just? Is your family member innocent but convicted because they couldn’t afford expensive lawyers? Well here’s the product for you! Inspired by WWI Razzle Camouflaged war ships, this mismatched pattern disorientates and confuses your enemies! Prison guards won’t know what’s underneath those clothes until you’ve disappeared! This product is useful for: when you’re on the run, when you want to daze the person in front of you, fashion! Run away in STYLE!

Disclaimer: For demonstration purposes ONLY. Do not use or distribute. Offers starting at 6 payments of $99.99/mo.

Commentary: We decided to take on a serious topic about the justice system, but the way that we went about it was literal (with the camouflage) in some respects and metaphorical (escape gear) in others. One of the problems with today’s US prisons is the dystopian capitalist systems that prisoners interface with. These prisons use virtual currency that can also be bought with real money. This generates a system where prisoners need to continue to spend in order to survive. This project comments on the unethical practices that these prisons engage in.

Project Comments: We took on a literal interpretation of the prompt, but in doing so, we were able to find a quality of ridiculousness & kitsch that contributed greatly to the project.

Project Craft: We stitched two cardboard curling mechanisms within the left and right edges of the fabric so that the weight could be distributed between the two arms. What we didn’t account for was that the combined weight of all the fabric was heavier than what the cardboard arms could handle. For future reference, we should add more curling mechanisms or less fabric.