Shape changing dress

Amazing project indeed! It is a ‘shape changing project’ from a regular school-dress to a party dress. The regular school dress in a flare shape is transformed into a semi-rounded style to make it fancier for a party. We constructed the dress using one of the fabrics from the ‘Soft Fabrication’ lab. The dress has two pockets to house the string, the housing was attached to the back and fastened with a velcro. The housing was hidden by the velcro and the velcro served as a black band attached to the dress. One end of the wire was attached to right side of the dress and the other end of the wire was placed in the left pocket. The left had was pocked while controlling the shape of the dress.

To improve more on the project, we will try to hide or conceal the string controlling the flare movement into the dress so that it can look more like a finished work rather than a prototype.