For this assignment, we decided on using the shirt we made in the previous class and adding flowers to it that open and close in a similar fashion to blooming and withering. Initially, when you are sitting down and working, the flowers are open, because as a natural part of your job, you need to be open to communicating and interacting with other people. But when you stand up and yawn, the flowers close to signify that you’re tired of forcing yourself to be open to your environment and putting on a facade for others.

The flowers are made up of 4 petals: each petal is made of a fabric pocket covering a paper actuator. All of the paper actuators have strings that tie together. These are wrapped around my back through the fabric to the opposite arm using a Bowden cable. Thus, when I left my arms, the flowers will close.

Withering Flowers
Close-up of top flower
Close-up of bottom flower