We are entering the part of the semester where we are investigating new technique. The focus of class today will be a diverse set of experiments to try out new techniques involving the pneumatic systems.


Clean up our project space cubbies! It is getting messy in there! To make it the best possible working conditions – we need to do some clean-up and be attentive to putting materials and our projects away.


  • Hello!
  • Viewings
  • Assignment 7
  • Intro to technical area of course site
  • Cubby Cleanup
  • In-class experiments:
    • two-chambered pneumatic counterbalance
      • bending actuation
      • linear actuation
    • laser-cutting stencils for ironing
    • using the soldering gun for plastic welding
    • performing a character live using the MIDI drum pad
  • Sharing results and mutual tutorials
  • Clean-up