This project was a continuation of our previous assignment 6 parasites. Our unsolved problems were to better develop a better inflatable balloon and have the parasite cycle through inflating and deflating. The improvement of the balloon was achieved through the football method. 4-6 pieces of plastic were cut in an oval shape and sealed together and flipped inside out, thus creating a ball. To create a cycle of inflation and deflation we use an elastic that would add tension to the ball, so when the ball is inflated the elastic would expend, but once the air is removed, the stretch of the fabric would put pressure on the ball thus deflating it.

For future consideration, we want to be able to pop out the balloon thus giving it an illusion of the parasite jumping off.

For the team work, we started with a discussion about what we want to improve about our project and how we could achieve that. We worked close together, and collaborated with each other on every step during the process, such as designing a new pattern of the inflatable ‘’balls”, cutting plastic sheets, sealing them together and so on. The pleasant part of our collaboration was that we were straightforward to share our ideas and willing to accept different opinions from our partner. This helped us to address the problems we met and eventually put us on the same page.