On March 19, if you are able, please join the following Zoom video-conferencing session at our usual scheduled time of 10:30AM. You’ll need to be authenticated first with zoom rather than joining anonymously. This information will always be available via the Zoom Meeting page linked from the top-level menu.

16-376 Kinetic Fabrics: Meeting ID: 487 104 908, https://cmu.zoom.us/j/487104908

Today in class we will be reconnecting over Zoom for the first time since in-class meetings have been canceled for CMU. We expect that we will need some time to get used to the new format and to adjust to interacting virtually instead of in person. This is okay if it takes some time, and it’s okay if it’s awkward and uncomfortable at first.

During class we want to get a feel for where everyone is at and to reorient our class expectations to what is now creatively possible. We also want your feedback and ideas about moving forward with projects for the rest of the semester.

In class we have check-ins, 2 cloth & video improv activities, and discussion. For the in-class cloth & video improv activities, we will give you a few minutes to locate a piece of fabric or piece of clothing to use as an improvisation tool. We will explore “cropping” the video frame and then play a “yes and….. ” game.


  • To get familiar with the zoom technology and set up our communal process for using it for discussions and class time.
  • To hear from you all about where you are and what you are experiencing, if you want to share. You can also pass.
  • To discuss the ideas for projects for the rest of the semester. We want to hear your input – you are all very creative, smart and thoughtful, and you will have useful input.
  • To check in about when you want your first assignment.


If you have any technology concerns in regards to using zoom or creating videos at home, please let us know.


  • Hello!
  • Get settled with using zoom. Go over the basics of its interface and potential of recording.
  • Go over etiquette for holding discussion in the new format (raising hands, mute, etc.).
  • Say hello to each other and have a check-in.
  • Warm-up Improv Exercise with Cloth
  • Share ideas about projects, care packages, and course focus
    • Break into small group discussion
    • Gather as a large group to share feedback.
  • Do you want an assignment today or starting on Tuesday?
  • Closing