For this assignment, I wanted to try giving life to fabric. My friend sent me a scarf marionette tutorial by the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. Since I didn’t have many light fabrics, I tried using paper first. The material was somewhat stiff and I realized I would need weights to hold the hands, head, and feet down, so I collected some stones to use. Getting the right measurements for the strings was difficult and it could still use adjustments.

Next I tried using actual fabric. This one was looser and had a bit more personality, I also added some googly eyes for fun. I wanted to highlight that the marionette had arms so I glued in a popsicle stick under the head to create shoulders. Again I used rocks as the weights.

Lastly, I decided to try to create a traditional marionette. I used a guide my friend sent me to determine where the strings would be attached, and fiddled with the measurements until it felt right. I looked through some how to videos and decided that wire and newspaper would be a good base. Again I used stones for the weights, I think they were a good choice because of the loud tapping sound they make when hitting the floor. I tried making clothes but had already attached the strings so I decided to put it off for now.