For this assignment, I wanted to explore different camera angles and lighting effects. For the first two videos, I left the fabric stationary and moved my camera instead, while for the final I filmed a spill spreading. I also left the camera vertical as I wanted it to be filming with the lines of the corduroy. Unfortunately, my camera isn’t great, which is very clear in my videos


For this first video, I made ripples in the corduroy and wanted to explore how it looked filming it from really close up. I also wanted to see if the lighting made any difference with the ripple pattern, but unfortunately, it didn’t really work as well as I hoped.

For this next video, I wanted to practice zooming as that’s the main transition my team will be using in assignment 9. I was really surprised that with zooming out, I created an interesting optical illusion type effect based on the lighting.


For this video, I wanted to explore the idea of spilling or staining fabric. Since I didn’t want to ruin any of my clothes, I used a paper towel. I thought it was cool to see how the spill spread out, so I slowed down the video.