This is our finished video, made from five clips that we each took. We made the videos one at a time, and sent the ending to the next person to try to match, so that the transitions would be smooth. Our idea was to use zooming in as a common thread throughout, which led to some play with transitions in scale.

We noticed that flowers seem to play a prominent role throughout the video. To add to the flower vibe, we added some peaceful garden music in the background. The video could be interpreted as zooming in on this one flower, which leads to all these other things within it. The video could definitely be symbolizing an inner search, and the idea of finding yourself. With the transformations, it could be showing how these many disparate aspects of the flower can actually be connected and form a cohesive whole.

Altogether, trying to match a visual composition made by another person without using their materials was a cool challenge, and it was definitely a novel way to collaborate for all of us. One thing we noticed was that ideating and bouncing ideas off each other was a lot harder over the internet, whether that was because it took time to set up virtual meetings or just that the modes of communication are more limited. It took a little bit more effort than in person to share ideas and collaborate.