For this project, we developed our idea starting with an initial inspiration of mini-music video duets people make on social media. Our pair decided to experiment with various transitions in the video: we wanted to use objects external to us, such as a window, and a mirror, to facilitate these transitions, rather than simply relying on our own motions. The intended effect of this video remains the same: to be somewhat like a music-video showcasing the various transitions. One of the challenges we faced was figuring out how to film ourselves performing the actions, as well as how to time our actions such that the transitions would coincide with key beats in the song. There was a lot of trial and error involved, and we experimented with holding the camera in multiple ways at various distances, while maneuvering the object we were working with. Overall, we believe we’ve created a successful product, and our ability to work together and draw out a plan for our transitions made this possible.