In the final version of the video, the relationship between the reality and the dream continues to develop with a more developed story line. The first video in reality, the little said that she lost all her family and friends in the war, then the second video (stop motion 1) depicts the story of how she lost her parents: the mother, father, and the little girl (covered by the leaf) are on their way escaping from the monster (war and the virus), the mother fall ill and died on the way, the father hid the girl in the bushes and continues to escape. The third video (reality 2) is the little girl visiting the graves of her best friend and her parents, the the fourth video (stop motion 2) is about the father’s and two other people’s journey, captured by the monsters on the way. The last reality video is an interview of the girl of the virus (she seems to be doing well and has ways to protect herself), but the last stop motion video is the girl leaving the tree, thought that it is safe to escape, but she didn’t see that the monster is still behind her.