So our premise was to make a collaborative “how-to” video with as little contact as possible. True to the theme of an exquisite corpse, we only received the last frame of each others video to continue. We both attempted a literal recreation of the previous clips environment, however due to our lack of context, there are small differences you wouldn’t otherwise make. When I shot my video I didn’t realize that Sommers hands were coming in from the opposite side. Sommer also thought I had made something different than I did because the last frame was misleading.

Since we needed to cut down the time we decided to play around with trimming parts and speeding other parts up. The editing was fun because when you trim a video, it’s hard to decide what parts of speech to keep and what not to. I cut the dialogue up in the first segment and did a heavy job trimming and speeding up parts of it. This way the dialogue that i had from earlier started to overlap on each other, it became somewhat overfilled with information. With the second clip the idea was to overlap and emphasize all the weird sounds of the tools and table. The third clip was a more chaotic collections of dialogue from the first part, it overlaps a bit with the other clips making the transition better. The last clip is also has some chaotic audio.