Process Update 4/14:

Parasite (2019): Crossing the Line
We were thinking of using cinematography techniques to show Distance between people. The recurring theme for this project is going to be 6′ pertaining to the pandemic. Our goal is to show the space between people and moments where that space is breached.
Personal Space Protector, by Nathan Destro
If art is looking within, then architecture is looking without. Instead of treating this project as something owned by the individual, it can speak to the collective. While many projects that deal with personal space is personal, what happens when personal space or social distancing is considered interpersonal, emergent, spatial, and multiple?
Divisor (1968), by Lygia Pape
When applying distance and space to performance, fabric can serve to dramatize and exaggerate those qualities. By producing something made by the multiple, a project can speak to collective. Because of how its subjects are framed against itself, the fabric can also visualize the negative space, the field persisting between people.

Process Update 4/21:

the interface we have with each other while social distancing is often audio visual… but what if our forces could be felt across spaces physically. this video is about the presence of another person who isn’t really there but we feel a vague physical connection towards. part 1? part 0?
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