Title: The adventure of Zen Ken

Brief Overview

Zen Ken is a creature that suddenly found herself in the world of humans. As much as she tried to belong, things were not just working for her. She traveled to different places through space but realized that everywhere she went, she was more of a parasite then a companion. Sit and enjoy the adventure of Zen Ken.

The adventure of Zen Ken (final version)

First scene: Zen Ken traveling through a sound tunnel. She found an entrance to the human world through a tunnel by following a sound.

Second scene: Afterwards, she found herself coming out of a person’s ear, then she started to observe the surrounding, a peaceful garden. Suddenly, as she heard the sound of an ambulance from a distance, and gradually increased, to a point so loud, Zen Ken was sucked back to the sound traveling tunnel.

Third scene:  Zen Ken exited the sound tunnel and found herself in the body of a sick creature. She forced her way through a cut on the patient’s body that was full with sores. Zen Ken tried to take over the patient’s body but was unsuccessful as she was sucked back into the sound travel tunnel. 

Final scene: Zen Ken realized how much she did not belong to the world of humans and decided to disappear for good, never to come back to the planet earth again!

Process videos and photos


Over the previous experiments and projects in the semester, we have come to understand fabrics better and how dimensional it can be. One of the assignments or experiments that we found valuable to this project is that of the parasites. We were able to build on that technique and discovery into this final project. Also, we have come to understand that fabrics, with other materials have a unique way of just revealing itself as we iterate through it. Going forward, we are curious to see how card boards and fabrics can produce the same result we got with fabrics.

The iterative design process this semester also presented us with opportunities to explore various ways of image and information layering and presentation methods. Use of image and video editing software all present our projects with new dimensions and depth. Lighting and sound design also contributes to the richness of the context. Creating effects that bring illusions to the common objects.