Between last week and this week, we spent time putting together a storyboard  similar to how we storyboarded for the exquisite corpse project. We planned out what we wanted to do for our video by drawing out scenes/actions performed by us. We decided that we were going to have the video centered around two characters interacting with the same piece of fabric in a cyclical manner, where one person would pick up the fabric, interact with it, drop it, and then the other person would have a similar or parallel interaction with that fabric. For the majority of the video, neither person would be aware of the other’s existence. However, at the end, the fabric would strangle one of us, while it would appear on the other person’s side of the screen, and transform into a skirt for them. The person being strangled would throw water on the cloth, or write “Help” or something to indicate that they had interacted with the cloth, and the other person would see this “sign” and then ignore it, but it would be apparent for the audience. We don’t have every single detail mapped out, because we decided that while we were building the mechanisms, we would have a better idea of what movement of the cloth could be accomplished in our video. Since movements are so dynamic once we use the storyboard to get each other’s movements aligned we start matching up our scenes and get the cohesive narrative.