Project Proposal: Robot’s Cradle

Stephanie Smid and Sarika Bajaj project context | motivation | scope | implementation Our project involves creating a hybrid workflow that combines human drawing skill and robotic assembly for peg loom weaving. Through this workflow, artists should be able to draw patterns with specified string densities that a robot will solve for and manually string
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PanCap Varun Gadh, Hang Wang 02-19-2018 Please find our video here. Abstract The initial goal of PanCap was to use motion capture technology to better understand, and digitally simulate, the process of flipping a pancake. We have been able to achieve both of these goals. A tertiary goal – to try to glean information from
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Gesture Drawing Analysis

Gesture Drawing Analysis Stephanie Smid, Jett Vaultz Feb. 18, 2018   ABSTRACT Drawing machines typically rely on constant pressure, use pressure for line thickness, or have no varying thickness at all.┬áIn freehand gesture drawing, an artist uses much more than just pressure to create varying lineweights. Tools such as pencils that have a variety
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Spring 2018 HMV

Spring 2018 HMV

This is the site for the Spring 2018 iteration of 16-455/48-530 Human-Machine Virtuosity, offered at Carnegie Mellon University as part of the IDeATe program. The course meets Monday and Wednesday, 9:30AM to 11:20AM, in MMH C4 (the dFab Lab).