P2.1 Paul Final

Hybrid Flow Diagram

In supporting Paul’s move to faster and larger print setups, we wanted to enable his prints to maintain their same level of detail even in a blown up scale. He suggested doing large prints on the sides of abandoned buildings or empty parking lots which is doable with adjustments to his process. Large carvings would take a lot more material and time especially if using wood, at the same time making it difficult to set up printing on uneven and large surfaces. We think using foam sheets and a hot knife as the tool would enable the large-scale carving of surfaces.

Our project aims to get a mocap of Paul using a hot knife tool to carve into foam, then program a robotic arm to use his technique on a drawing. We also want the solid outlines of the drawing to be filled with repeating patterning programmatically, on a finer level than would be allowed for a scaled image. Ideally, we’d have multiple patterns supplied by Paul so we can add whatever he thinks is best on the front.

In the end, we should have some programs which are able to take in a mocap of a technique and replicate it at whatever scale we’d like to render a drawing. These sheets could be used repeatedly by Paul on any surface he desires.

After talking to Paul on Monday and considering our options, we went ahead and put in an order for a hot knife. While this isn’t Paul’s usual domain, his adoption of a new tool and new technique should reflect his previous technique of woodcutting. We will mount markers on this cutter and proceed with the tool modelling. The robot arm can then proceed through a similar technique as recorded from Paul.

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