Witch Layered Sculpture

by Gerardo, Olivia, and Peter

After further consideration between our group and our artist we have changed trajectory towards transforming Genevieve’s art into a 3D layered image made of layers of transparent acrylic. After our initial proposal we spoke more with Genevieve, Garth, and Josh and realized we had been focusing on the wrong things. Instead of trying to incorporate the robotic arm in order to increase scale it was more important to Genevieve that we capture her method of layering paint in a new way.

Our new proposal is to translate her artwork into vector graphics or rasterized images to either cut or etch acrylic sheets and combine them into layered sculptural images. This will combine our knowledge of the laser cutter and Genevieve’s knowledge of layering and blending to create a unique workflow that she can use for many more projects.

In between the output to the laser cutter we will include a 3D visualization tool through the use of Grasshopper and Rhino so that Genevieve would be able to see what the output will look like before committing to a final output. This would be accomplished by creating UV maps from the vector or raster graphics from step 2. This step will also allow the use of 3D visualization to combine two images into one sculpture.

Inspiration Image
Image result for uv mapping
UV Mapping Example

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