Group D – Underwater Garden

Methodology description: In our project ‘underwater garden’, we present a playful design system that embeds actuation and computation in ordinary materials like paper. Our technique turns passive paper into a self-assembling / self-morphing composite that reacts to the stimulus of water and transforms itself in interesting, pre-programmed ways.  The two methods used are: A) the
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Group B – Reconstructed Mementos

Exploring methods for unwrapping and distorting the flat patterns of objects that connect to our shared imaginaries and memories. This project will use photogrammetry and archive data as a basis for creating “reconstituted objects” via algorithmic unwrapping and craft-derived manipulation. We align this process with themes of memory and reclamation, recognizing the impossibility of perfect
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Group A – Evil Super Grandma

Description Quilt-making is a traditionally community-oriented craft, from Kit’s friends on the American frontier to Stefani Danes + Doug Cooper’s quilt/mural collaboration. Given the current pandemic, our group decided to focus on one question: how do we leverage advances in technology to keep our communities creating together?  We chose to design a game that would
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Revised Project 2: Ad Hoc Hybrid Design System

The second project will focus on developing a hybrid design workflow using available ad hoc fabrication means. The groups will collaborate remotely to share a concept, digital resources, and expertise, but each member will independently implement a fabrication process and render sample artifacts. A central thesis of Human Machine Virtuosity is that human skill wielding
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