Bill of Material

For the initial proof of concept for making the children’s fabric book, we will be trying to create a list of selected sensors and conduct tests with the results. It will be a more technical prototyping stage and these prototypes will help us decide which of the input means fit the most with the responses, materials and story narrative. 

Along with the different materials, we want to attempt make the following sensors and reliable data processing/filtering for possible applications:

  • bend sensors
  • squeeze sensors(using bend sensors)
  • stroke sensors
  • pressure sensors
ItemsQuantitiesUnit PriceTotal Cost by ItemsNotes / Store Locations
Adafruit Flora150.9950.99link
Conductive thread(included in the Flora budget pack)
Resistive threadHad trouble finding where to buy
Resistive yarnHad trouble finding where to buy
Conductive fabric18.998.99link (20 cm)
x6-Inch by 1/16 (Pack of 3) Neoprene110.4210.42link
Colored yarns12.972.97link
Colored threads/floss15.295.29link
Assorted Color Felt Pack110.8810.88link

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