Lunch time for the puppy — an interactive fabric book.

Project Objectives Lunch Time for the Puppy is an interactive children’s fabric book. The book is made from felt and other fabric material with different textures, and is embedded with soft sensors and electronic output elements for creating a rich storytelling experience. We produced a proof of concept prototype of the design by making one
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grubo: a modular pneumatics set compatible with Legos

Project Objectives: grubo is a set of soft pneumatic actuators compatible with the Lego Technic system. The kit consists of expandable silicone air chambers, Lego-compatible connector pieces, and tubing and syringes to inflate the air chambers. Using the grubo pieces, builders can expand the functionality of their Lego creations with soft pneumatic actuation. Creative Design
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5/5 Dorcas Sophie Ray

Control vs. Lined Experiments circle: “pie” single cup fold: multiple cupping folds: circle control: “spork” lined spoon: short spoon control: winged spoon: control winged spoon: spoon: control spoon: rectangles: Factors affecting repeatability: Corners: I noticed that the cuts at the intersection of the oval and the rectangle sometimes had slits just by error of hand-cutting.
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5/3 Catherine&Yanwen Updates

On the technical side: We programmed the microcontrollers, and our setup involves two Arduinos: One is connected to the multi-touch grid. This arduino is controlled by a processing sketch and sends signals to the other arduino for outputs other than sounds. One is connected to all other input&output components: neopixel LEDs, vibration motors, and fabric
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Elena and Sebastian 5-03 Update

This week we worked on iterations of the bistable connectors and the inflatable parts. We produced successful prototypes of both. Inflatables Given the holes resulting from bubbles in our last attempt at casting silicone inflatables, we worked on a redesigned mold. This new mold added a Lego-compatible connector and reoriented the molds to create a
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