grubo: a modular pneumatics set compatible with Legos

Project Objectives: grubo is a set of soft pneumatic actuators compatible with the Lego Technic system. The kit consists of expandable silicone air chambers, Lego-compatible connector pieces, and tubing and syringes to inflate the air chambers. Using the grubo pieces, builders can expand the functionality of their Lego creations with soft pneumatic actuation. Creative Design
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Infusing Art with Technology

SplashDisplay is an interactive art piece on temporary display at Kawasaki City Museum. Created by a team of researchers and artists and headed by Yasushi Matoba, a Ph.D. candidiate for HCI at the University of Electro-Communicatuions, Japan. This project utilizes projectile beads on the table to create a real time volumetric display system. When pressured air
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