4/26 Catherine & Yanwen Updates

We have developed our own working API with the following events:

We ran into some troubles when trying to detect sliding behavior, partly because of the grid is actually low resolution, and it cannot slide from touching multiple positions at the same time. Thus we decided to put sliding apart and use the other interactions.

Here are the output behaviors we planned out for now:

We also tested out the vibration motor and LED for preparing to integrate with the fabric prototype.

For making the prototype, we made a sample page based on the scenario when the puppy is sitting beside the table and wants to eat human food. We made a sample sketch and the paper template for cutting the fabric pieces.

sample page
(breakdown of the page -> some parts (ears, tail) are movable)

For the prototype and final demo, we will be working with a single fabric page and one multi touch pad (will be positioned on one ear), but for the actual expectation this would be a book with multiple pages and with different scenes of the puppy being around the house.

For this week, we will be working on:
– Developing possible different states of the puppy
– Testing out the API with actual events
– Fabricating and assembling the fabric pieces

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