Day 1: (Mon Feb 1, Week 1) Welcome!

Notes for 2021-02-01.

I will post a daily agenda page for each class; this will be your essential guide to the progress of the class.

Please note all class meetings will be held on Zoom; the IRR modality may give us the option for lab usage later in the semester. The Zoom login is always available for logged-in users on the Zoom Meeting page.

New Assignment

Daily Agenda

  1. Introductions

    1. Your instructor

    2. Brief synopsis of the course objectives

    3. Mutual introductions

    4. Questions?

  2. Administrative

    1. Tour of the course site

    2. Students won’t have IDeATe laser cutter access in Spring 2021, but laser access is possible via TechSpark by meeting the IDeATe safety training requirements and enrolling for a unit of 24-210 for each mini.

    3. IDeATe 3D-printing is operational. I’ll coordinate any prints needed for course activities.

    4. IDeATe lab access.

    5. Canvas calendar?

  3. Viewings

  4. Discussion

  5. Techniques and skills

    1. VPN

    2. searching for papers

    3. citations

    4. DOI

    5. Zotero BibLaTex export


FAU Robotic Jellyfish

Injecting liquid metal into channels for soft artificial skin

MIT Tangible Media Group - Venous Materials