Day 2: (Wed Feb 3, Week 1) Soft Robotics Topics Overview

Notes for 2021-02-03.

New Assignments

  1. Due before next class: Exercise: Reading and Skimming

Daily Agenda

  1. Topic survey. A walk through the course bibliography.

  2. Review of the posts for the day.

  3. Discussion.

  4. Mid-class break.

  5. Breakouts. Human applications are something of a middle ground between purely technical research and purely expressive applications of soft robotic techniques. The objective of this session is to brainstorm some functional tools or products which use soft robotics and meet a human need. Anything goes, this is an imaginative exercise.

    1. Say hello, introduce yourselves.

    2. Brainstorm three or so project ideas.

    3. Can you articulate the underlying need or question each is answering?

  6. Discussion.