Day 4: (Wed Feb 10, Week 2) Peer Review

Notes for 2021-02-10.

Notes from Day 3

We’ll start by finishing the truncated discussion of the last breakout idea.

New Assignments

  1. Due Sunday night: Exercise: Peer Review

  2. Looking ahead: next week we’ll survey art literature related to soft kinetic sculpture.

Daily Agenda

  1. Discussion of peer review.

    1. New assignment.

    2. Review discussion of “Electroactive textile actuators for wearable and soft robots” [R33] (2018). I’ve cached a copy on the private Readings page.

  2. Review of exercise 3 postings.

  3. Mid-class break.

  4. Breakouts. Actually starting research involves choosing a feasible experiment.

    1. Say hello, introduce yourselves.

    2. Pick one of the human applications of soft robotics we’ve been discussing.

    3. What is a concrete experiment you would propose to test the approach?

      1. What’s a test of similar scale to the conference papers we’ve been reading?

      2. What specific result are you evaluating? This might include hypothetical new materials, fabrication processes, sensors, actuators, algorithms, or analytic techniques.

  5. Discussion.