2.1.23: Art and Design Inspiration Exercise

Skulturen, Klaus Pinter


Makes very large scale, inflated installations, however they are not kinetic. They’re interesting for their size and shape, and personally I find them intriguing for their potential transference into movement.

Adaptive Pneumatic Shelters, Hani Fallaha


These pneumatic shelters are more of an architecture piece than sculpture, but similar to Klaus Pinter’s work in that their size makes them intriguing. I am particularly drawn to them for their different potential inflated positions, which resembles breathing.

Jewelry, Katharina Vones

I enjoy the colors and shapes that are in this jewelry! The contrast between the silicon and the wire is beautiful and I can see how something similar might be used in a soft robotic sculpture piece.

Aeromorph Inflatables, MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group


I thought it was interesting to see how different seams within the inflatable change how it actuates. Having taken the e-textiles micro, we briefly went over different types of soft actuation in textiles, and this reminded me of that. I also thought it was interesting to see paper (or something like paper) being used. It’s definitely more uncommon to see in a kinetic/inflatable space.

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