Art and Design Inspirations by Leah Walko

Breathing Wall

Polen Budak, E., Zirhli, O., Stokes, A. A., & Akbulut, O. (2016). The Breathing Wall (Brall)–Triggering Life (In) Animate Surfaces. Leonardo49(2), 162–163.

The “breathing wall” is a structure that can respond in an organic matter to touch and stimulus. The idea of an “organic” city seems interesting to me. It doesn’t seem very practical, but I think it is an interesting experiment in bridging the gap between hard structures and life.

Tales of C

Similar to the “breathing wall,” I chose this artwork because it imitates life. Not only does it mimic the movements of a cephalopod, but it also has its own language of sorts. It randomly generates things to say from various sources, which creates a form of story for it.

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