Sea Anemone Project

Elise Chapman and Leah Walko

Project Proposal

A sea anemone style of creature, responsive to human touch.

Sketches + Rough Prototypes

Sense of Movement

If possible, we would like to actuate the celiaci to move towards the user’s touch/hand, but we understand that that is difficult and potentially out of scope. Otherwise, we plan to inflate the celiaci and make them vibrate in response to the touch/hand.

Scalability Plans

We intend to make a single working piece, then produce two or three other working prototypes to check group reaction. From there, we will produce as many more as we can.

First Experiment Plans

Work on creating a mold with several chambers to facilitate multi-directional movement.

Related papers:

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Extra Notes

Will use colored pigment. Will use glow in the dark pigment.

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