Proof of Concept- Aditti and Catherine

We have designed 2 different mechanisms that we will include in our final model. One bends in a C-shape while the other puffs up.

bending design
puff design

We have used these models and created flowers out of them. We have also 3D printed the molds and have poured the silicone.

flower mold iteration 1
flower mold iteration 2

Since we also poured these molds with colored silicone, our hope is that when water is pumped into them, the stretched areas will have a lighter color than the thicker areas. We also plan on experimenting with pumping in colored/ fluorescent water so that it will seem as if the plants are changing color as they move.

We have also tested sensors such as proximity and capacitive touch sensors to see how sensitive they are and how we could embed them into our mold castings. Our goal is that when people touch the plants, they will be activated.

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