Proof of Concept – Dunn & Elliot

Our current goal is to produce a soft material-based structure that can change internal volume when forces such as tension or compression are experienced. The images below are patterns we experiment with, which have the effect we hoped to achieve to some extent.

The images above are our first 3D-printed test cases, printed with soft material at different thicknesses. The one on the left is thicker, and the one on the right is thinner, without any other differences. We wanted to see the capacity for these structure systems to expand when tension is applied in the four major axes. They do produce an expanding form change. However, the extent is lacking, especially with the thicker material. Though much stretchier, the print on the right is fragile.

In our latest experiment, which result is yet to be studied, we used the same pattern at a denser scale and with silicone instead of 3D printing. We hope this softer material would have greater flexibility; however, they may lack the rigidity the 3D-printed material has. Depending on how successful this test is, we may or may not revisit and readjust our concept.

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