Progress Report – Catherine & Aditti

This week we worked on casting and bonding the template moulds for our flower actuator. We did two different designs and did one iteration of the first design and two iterations of the second design – one coloured and one clear. There are still some leaks in our bonding, which we plan to patch with epoxy.

We also laser cut a piece of acetate (PET) to add more stiffness to generate more of a differential for our flower design. We will be embedding it in the coming week.

We also tried embedding an electrode attached to a capacitive touch sensor inside our venus fly trap actuator to ensure that we can recalibrate it to respond to surface touch.

Lastly, we worked on another design for our venus flytrap actuator with ridges to try to get more of a bend during inflation. We will be printing and casting this part in the coming week as well.

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