Process Log: Week 2 – Elise and Leah

This week we tested our first version of our silicon anemone and we made progress on programming and circuiting the electronics. We originally planned to print our newest version of the mold, but since the 3D printers were down, we had to postpone our plans.

Monday, 3.20:

  • Check cast and sealing, success!
  • Note: this prototype likely will not work for directional pnematics
  • Seal two halves together
  • Continue creating mold
  • Finished the coding portion: capacitive wire will sense touch (not squeeze FINALLY)
Plans and ideation
Version 2: the bottom mold
Version 2: the top mold (forms a lid for the mold overall)

Tuesday, 3.21:

  • Check casting and sealing, success
  • Sealed together the other two halves with a wire in between for future sensitivity testing

Wednesday, 3.22:

  • Finished mold
  • Tested blowing up 2 channel cast
  • Reference to above note: DOES work for directional pneumatics. Requires a lot of air for a significant bend, but does work.
  • Test sensitivity code with two channel cast + wire embedded in silicon
  • Raw threshold: 0
Testing with water for fun!
Testing the anemone blow up and tilt
Testing electronically pumping air into the anemone
More testing with pumping air
Testing with two air pumps in each channel

Sunday, 3.26:

  • Worked on circuiting and programming the MOSFET driver, slow progress.
  • Wrote this process log post 🙂

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