Progress Report 3 – Elise and Leah

This week we were tragically pretty busy, but still managed to get some important progress done! Most notably, we were able to sync

tested our first version of our silicon anemone and we made progress on programming and circuiting the electronics. We originally planned to print our newest version of the mold, but since the 3D printers were down, we had to postpone our plans.

Monday, 3.27:

  • Concerns to address:
    • Having trouble with the mosfets still
    • How to extract air out?
    • Print in ideate? Attempt to print at techspark? Laser cut……?
  • Fought with MOSFET, won (thanks, Garth!)
MOSFET wiring

Wednesday, 3.29:

  • Combined code for MOSFET and capacitive touch
    • Good results
    • New raw threshold: 10
Capacitive touch + DC Motor
Capacitive touch inflation!

Sunday, 4.2:

  • Started to add in new code from Garth to slow down the inflation rate
  • Need the t-brackets (t-joints? t-splits?) to proceed forward with the prototype
  • Moving forward next week:
    • Get t-things
    • Code deflation
    • Code “cap” to inflation
    • Cast another tentacle (hopefully with the new mold)
    • Maybe, MAYBE start working on dual reactivity

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