Progress Report 4 – Elise and Leah

This week we made some important progress! As soon as we can figure out how to overcome an air-tight / air-flow problem, we should have a fully functioning individual prototype. From there, we can move forward into scaling! That will pose new problems of triggering inflation as related to what tentacle is being sensed, but that’s for later.

Monday, 4.3:

  • Fully implemented slower speed, need to test more with t-junctions and multiple tentacles (will likely be slower when filling multiple)
  • Worked towards air vacuum code + wiring
    • Code still slightly faulty, wiring seems good
  • Tried to print at techspark, didn’t
  • Begun creating a second embedded-wire prototype using old mold

Tuesday, 4.4:

  • Bonding round 1
    • 4 hrs later bonding round 2

Wednesday, 4.5:

  • Testing max tank (air fill) size
  • Testing t-junction
    • T-junction creates some air-tight issues with the motors, not sure what 
  • Note: new prototype has lower sensitivity than old prototype, not sure why…

Sunday, 4.9: 

  • Played around more with the motors and sealing, still not sure how to address the airflow issue with the motors

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