Progress Report 5 – Elise and Leah

This week, we both suffered from booth, meaning that we couldn’t progress outside of class. However besides that, we made great progress this week and we’re quite happy about where we are overall.

Monday, 4.10:

  • Message Daniel about the pump thing
  • Tried more scenarios with the pumps, no success
  • Lent out vacuum pump, did not work
  • Tried a pinhole technique for draining air
    • We have decided that this is the route that we will go for the rest of the project
  • Started casting another tentacle, this time in orange

Wednesday, 4.12

  • Sealed orange tentacle
  • Made capacitive motor piano
  • Reorganised breadboard to be more clean
  • Updated the code
  • Experimented more with holes in the tubing
    • Four holes seems good, inflating the other side at the same time seems to deflate it at a nice rate
  • Made a little dance

Monday, 4.17:

  • Cast duotone tentacle
    • Later: came back to bond the tentacle, as well as cast another duotone tentacle
  • Worked on dances

Tuesday, 4.18:

  • Continued work on casting and bonding

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